Politistiki Avli

The Society of Greek Writers in Germany and the Skiathos Garden Theatre present the art and culture festival "Politistiki Avli" on 9, 10 and 11 June 2023 on Skiathos. Guests can expect a diverse programme of art exhibitions, readings, live music, puppet theatre and workshops. Entrance is free.

Together with the supporters, the initiators show that art and culture are everywhere and can be everywhere - you don't necessarily need a big theatre, but sometimes just a garden.

The aim of the festival is to bring people together across borders, young and old, professional artists and amateurs. Therein lies the value of every culture and where better to demonstrate this than in Greece. "Politistiki Avli" wants to promote the neighbourhood, the district, the village as the cradle of culture. Because cohesion is what the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, the village, the city and the country need for progress and prosperity that benefits all.

The programme of events includes an exhibition of Lakis Mouratidis' paintings, various book presentations and a discussion with the writers Michalis Patentalis and Christos Anastasopoulos, live music by George Aetopoulos and Dimitris Allistratinos, and a puppet theatre show, not only but especially for children from the age of 3. Those who want to get active themselves will have the opportunity to do so in the web radio workshop by Grigoris Vergiotis or in the dance workshop with Phaedra Pisimisi.

The events will be accompanied by several radio stations under the direction of Grigoris Vergiotis. As the "Cyclist of the World" (Radio Cyclist), he has been travelling to all countries of the world for many years.

"Polistiki Avli" is organised under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece. Other cooperation partners are the Radio Museum of Thessaloniki and Athens, the Hellenic Media Group and the web radio "Tapantarei".


9th June

20:00 Puppetshow by Christos Anastasopoulos
21:00 Vernissage - Paintings from Lakis Mouratidis

10th June

21:00 Live Music by Georgios Aetopoulos (Guitar and Vocals) and Dimitris Alistratinos (Saxophone)
21:30 Literature Readings (Michalis Patentalis and Christos Anastasopoulos)
22:30 Live Music by Georgios Aetopoulos (Guitar and Vocals) and Dimitris Alistratinos (Saxophone)

11th June

18:00 Radio workshop with Grigoris Verriotis
19:00 Workshop – Traditional Greek Dances with Phaedra Pisimisi
20:00 Finnisage (Lakis Mouratidis) and Radio workshop with Grigoris Verriotis