Greek Night

Experience an authentic Greek Night with drinks and snacks in our beautiful garden. Dive deep into the authentic Greek culture and get to know the diversity of Greek dance and music. Whether just as a spectator or with old and new friends on the dance floor. We promise you, after this evening you will know a real piece of Greece.

Free Greek Dance Workshop for everyone! 19:30 - 20:30

Greek Dances Performance 20:30 - 21:15

Live Greek Rebetiko Music 21:15

Ticket price 16 € (the Workshop is free)

According to the environmental circumstances of each region (islands, mountains, cold, warm etc.), each area has different traditional dances that vary in the steps, rythm, dresses and atmosphere. For example, the island traditional dances are very different from the dances coming from central and north Greece. This is the beauty of the Greek traditional dances!

During the workshops we will learn dances from: Skiathos, Crete, Central Greece, North Greece, Rhodos, Peloponese and Cycladen. 

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